System administrator : Jülich, Germany

10 Monate | Frist: Donnerstag, 05. April 2018, 00:00 Uhr
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Work group:

INM-6 - Computational and Systems Neuroscience

Area of research:

IT - Computing

Job description:

The Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM) at Research Center Jülich, Germany, investigates the structure and function of the human brain on different spatial and temporal scales within the research program “Decoding the Human Brain”. The organizational unit INM-6, Computational and Systems Neuroscience (, develops mathematical models of neuronal dynamics and function. Model-driven analyses of brain activity and structure as well as simulation of biologically realistic models form the core of our work. The team Statistical Neuroscience develops statistical methods for the analysis of massively parallel experimental electrophysiological data and drives the development of the open source software tools for the analysis of electrophysiological data (e.g. Elephant). This team is seeking a data analyst at postdoctoral level for the workpackage WP4.5 "Linking Model Activity and Function to Experimental Data" of the EU flagship project Human Brain Project (HBP). The goal of the workpackage is to investigate mathematical principles and theoretical methods for integrating neuroscience data into models, and for comparing the results of the models with the existing data. Model predictions will in turn be used to suggest new experiments. The candidate will intensely collaborate with modelers and experimentalists, both within the institute as well as within the Human Brain Project. Task 4.5.1 in particular will develop strategies, principles and algorithms allowing comparative assessment of experimental data and different model approaches at different scales and description levels. Hence, it is the goal of this exciting project to get a better understanding of the neuronal processes by working in “integrative loops” of model/theory, acquisition and analysis of experimental electrophysiological data, simulation, visualization and validation. We will build metrics and visualizations that quantitatively compare computational models to experimental data. Specifically, we will implement a “use case”, that will serve as a template for other integrative loops developed in the HBP. Approaches from computational and statistical neuroscience will be used and applied to data from other HBP work packages. In particular, the project requires the comparison of previously described models with experimental data from complex behavioral studies. The candidate will develop and implement standardized data formats, apply computational and statistical tools for data analysis, use graphical visualization to display results and present reports/results to the PIs, collaborators, and the research group.

We are looking to recruit a

System administrator

Your Job:

direct support of scientists in all problems concerning hard- and software support of division’s databases and online tools of support of user account management purchasing, set-up and management of UNIX, Linux and Windows systems and software purchasing, set-up and management of communication systems and media control systems preparation, set-up and operation of temporary IT infrastructure during workshops and meetings documentation of processes and management of licenses and contracts development and realization of concepts of safe and fast exchange of data within the division and with partners, e.g. in branch offices development of a concept to harmonize user profiles for different software systems of the department further development of division’s video conference solutions and their maintenance compilation of requirement analyses together with users guidance for users with regard to the realization of IT solutions for scientific problems development of software solutions to harmonize different user interfaces with our branch offices in Freiburg and our cooperation partner in Marseille elaboration, development, implementation and testing of mechanisms of quality assurance for the exchange of data sets compilation of respective program and user documentation briefing of end users support of technical collaboration with Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) coordination of utilization of institute's High Performance Computing (HPC) resources coordination of grant writing for computing time on supercomputers participation in planning of institute’s storage and computing capacities

Your Profile:

completed study of informatics, mathematics or physics substantial expertise in C, C++ and Python substantial knowledge of UNIX, Mac OS, and Windows experience with administration of HPC clusters, file, web and print servers as well as with parallel computing ability and willingness to work independently and proactively confident appearance and ability to work cooperatively in an interdisciplinary environment good interpersonal and communication skills structured and systematic working style fluent in English (spoken and written)

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