Postdoctoral Research Fellow Molecular Immunologist for immune cell signaling (m/f)

Vollzeit | Penzberg, BAYERN | 11 Monate
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As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow you will work in the environment of Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED), mainly operating in the wet-lab laboratories of Large Molecule Research (LMR) at Roche Penzberg, the Roche Innovation Center Munich. You will be part of the Roche Fellowship Program with a broad range of internal and external supervisors, such as local supervisors in Penzberg, global supervisors in Basel, Switzerland (Discovery and Target Assessment (DTA) as well as external mentors from Braham Institute, Cambridge, UK. Immune signaling (via FACS, Western and FRET) will be the final read-out for immune cell activation assays. State-of-the Art antibody formats, signaling assays and cutting edge microscopy (Super-resolution, Dragonfly) will be used as tools to generate a better understanding of T and B cell biology. One focus of this position is the analysis of the immunological synapse in cellular model systems (primary T-cell-APC conjugates), especially the formation/dynamics of microclusters at the cell-cell interaction sites by applying high resolution cellular imaging technologies.
The beauty of the project is the combinatorial use of structure biology, cutting edge antibody generation, immune cell signaling, as well as localization studies. Resources (including human blood) as well as experts are located on site, with external mentors to guide the project.
Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following tasks:

  • You will work as a cell biologist with human primary immune cells to establish readouts of functionality (FACS, Western, Mass Spectrometry (facility), Microscopy)

  • We ask you to bring in own ideas and to drive the project into a direction of understanding T and B cell activation/anergy

  • You will independently acquire help and guidance from all different angles and experts. Furthermore, it will be your responsibility to coordinate with structure biologists, cell biologists, microscopy experts and wet lab scientists to establish your assays (all are located in Munich).

  • Publication as well patents are the overall goal, both are extremely well supported by an extraordinary infrastructure

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