Hardware Engineer, I

Erfurt, TH RINGEN | 5 Monate
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Hardware Engineer, I
GERMANY - Erfurt
GERMANY - Germany
Responsible for designing, developing, modifying, and evaluating electronic parts, components, or integrated circuitry for electronic equipment and other hardware systems. Evaluates, from a reliability standpoint, the materials, properties, and techniques used in production. Determines reliability requirements of components and systems. Responsible for a specific product or group of products from product definition and planning through production and release.
Has a deep knowledge and understanding of FPGA technology (XILINX preferred) and its tools. A background and thorough understand of hardware design at the system component level (memory subsystems such as DDR2/3, IO Standards such as LVDS, FIFO’s, communication systems like PCIe etc) is required. Experience in designing and simulating integrated circuitry using VHDL and/or (System) Verilog. Knowledge in software programming languages like Tcl, C, C++ is required. Understands and to work on hardware part (circuitry, FPGA designs etc.) and hardware related software parts (e.g. programming test routines for hardware implementation).
Typically requires no previous professional experience. Knowledge base generally acquired from a college degree or equivalent course training. Applies company policies and procedures to resolve routine issues. Follows standard practices and specific, outlined, and detailed procedures in analyzing situations or data from which answers can be readily obtained. Builds routine working relationships internally. Contacts are primarily with direct manager and other peers in the group or department.

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