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Frankfurt am Main, HESSEN | 8 Monate
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Credit Analyst – EMEA Auto & Capital Goods team – Corporate Ratings – Frankfurt or Paris

The Role:   We are currently looking for a credit analyst to join our Corporate Ratings group based in Frankfurt or Paris.

The Impact:

The role includes interacting with senior management as well as Finance and Treasury teams of client companies, conducting a detailed analysis of the companies’ ability to service debt, as well as publishing and presenting analysis to market participants.

The Team / the Business:  

The Global Corporate Ratings Practice is the largest at S&P Global Ratings Services. It employs nearly 500 analysts in 28 locations globally who conduct research and produce ratings over 4,500 corporate entities. We predominantly do ratings surveillance, work on new rating transactions as well as assess the ratings impact of refinancing or M&A transactions applying our core corporate methodology and industry specific rating factors. We also work on transactions in partnership with other practices and segments at S&P Global on a regular basis. Effective teamwork and a thoughtful approach to problem solving are highly valued.

The Auto, Capital Goods and Investment Holding companies team has 13 full-time analysts based in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Stockholm. The team is responsible for over 115 ratings across Europe.


Applicants must have a strong foundation and work experience (3-6 years) in at least one of the following: (1) Accounting; (2) Debt instruments and documentation; (3) Building financial forecasting models.

Applicants should also have an understanding of how a corporate enterprise works, in terms of ownership structures, business models, as well as opportunities and risks that might impact a company’s cash flows. 

An Associate in the S&P Global Corporate Rating business typically has responsibility over annual surveillance of about 15 rated corporate entities and works on new ratings assignments as required.

Working environment puts emphasis on teamwork and analytical collaboration, as well as detailed documentation of all aspects of analysis and publication of ratings.

Strong communication skills are essential for internal credit rating committees, interaction with senior management teams as well as external publishing and presentations.

Sector knowledge of the Auto, Capital Goods or Investment Holdings industries would be a plus, but is not required.

The Interview process will initially focus on the applicant’s background, career goals and ability to work in a dynamic, client-facing environment. It will be followed by a technical skills assessment, whereby the applicant will be asked to use S&P Global’s rating methodology to assign a rating to a currently unrated company.

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